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What is a Finishing Sauce?

Whether topping off your completed dish or blending in just before serving, finishing sauces make every meal better — from red meats, chicken and pork to seafood, vegetables and grains. Examples include: Hollandaise on eggs, Mushrooms over steak, Butter & lemon to liven up a fish fillet. A finishing sauce adds extra flavor and tends to transform individual items on a plate to one cohesive meal. This is why they’re usually reserved at fine dining restaurants or for special occasions and entertaining guests.

What is Le Sauce?

Le Sauce Gourmet Finishing Sauces transform everyday meals into memorable food experiences — in minutes! Each inspired recipe was specially crafted to complement and unify everything on your plate. All you do is heat and serve with your favorite foods.

How do you use Le Sauce?

Whether you’re having meat, seafood, vegetables or grains, Le Sauce delights with every mouthwatering bite. We like to add Le Sauce just before serving, drizzling over everything on the plate to bring together and enhance all of the delicious flavors. You can also use some of the Le Sauce recipes during the final stages of cooking, mixing into your nearly finished dish. (And be sure to save some for mopping up every tasty morsel with crusty bread!)

What foods are best with Le Sauce?

Steak. Chicken. Pork. Fish. Grilled vegetables. Potatoes. Steamed rice. Le Sauce goes great with just about everything, helping you save time and add variety night after night. Fresh, fragrant and full-flavored, they’re the perfect finish to please your family and guests any time.

How do I cook with Le Sauce?

We’ve done the cooking for you! Every bottle represents hours of handcrafted preparation, taste testing and refinement, so you can have dinner on the table in no time. Simply simmer for about 5 minutes, or microwave for about 60 seconds. Then let Le Sauce flow, adding rich depths of flavor to your entire meal.

Is Le Sauce made in the USA?

All LeSauce products are proudly made here in the USA. We traveled the world in search of memorable food experiences, inspiring our globally influenced recipes brought home to share.

Where does Le Sauce source its ingredients?

All ingredients in every Le Sauce Gourmet Finishing Sauce are chosen for their purity, consistent quality and their ability to harmonize with other ingredients to deliver deliciousness. There are no artificial additives you can’t pronounce and we use traditional methods of preservation, which makes our finishing sauces safe while maintaining exceptional flavor. That’s why you’ll always find Le Sauce fresh in the refrigerated section of fine grocers.


Where can I find Le Sauce?

You can order direct from the LeSauce website. Our products will be available through select grocers and specialty food stores beginning Fall 2018 (a list will be available on our website). You will also be able to buy LeSauce on Amazon.com!

What if I am not happy with my Le Sauce purchase?

Please contact us if you have a question or would like to share something about LeSauce. If you have a problem, we’re sorry to hear it and will gladly refund or replace your purchase.

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