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Pan Seared Salmon with Wild Rice and Asparagus

Feeds: 2

25 minutes


– One 3⁄4 lb piece of salmon with skin on cut in 4 pieces
– 1⁄2 Cup Wild rice
– Asparagus:  About 14 or as many as you like
– One lemon
– 1⁄2 bottle Le Sauce & Co White Wine Lemon Garlic finishing sauce


Follow directions on the package.  Some wild rice brands have different rice blends and therefore different cook times.  Usually about 20-25 minutes.


P​reheat skillet on high. ​ Prep fish: place salmon on plate. Squeeze 1⁄4 lemon over fish, drizzle a little olive oil, add fresh cracked pepper & pinch of salt. With a little butter in the pan (not oil) sear on high, skin side down for about 3 – 4 min. Note: cook time will vary depending on thickness of fish. At this point the fish is medium-rare if you like your salmon a little more well done, flip and continue cooking for another 2 minutes.  Take out of the pan and Squeeze 1⁄4 lemon on fish & let rest 2 min. before serving.


In a small sauté pan, add a small amount of olive oil, on medium heat, sauté asparagus for about 3 min, turning a few times. Plate and season with a bit of fresh cracked pepper and a pinch of salt.


Pour Le Sauce & Co, White Wine Lemon & Garlic sauce in the saucepan and warm low for about 5 min, stirring 3 times. Or put in bowl and micro, covered, for 1 min. Stir a few times before serving.


On a bed of rice, place salmon and asparagus. Liberally drizzle Le Sauce & Co, White Wine Lemon Garlic sauce on everything. POW!!! Deliciousness is served.

– Wine:

We are generally all red all the time and so an Oregon Pinot goes great with this meal. If you are a white wine person, I suggest a Chardonnay to match the wine that is in the sauce.

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