“I made this” beats Take-Out every time.

“I made this” beats Take-Out every time.

Many people think cooking is a chore and getting takeout is better. The best meals are the ones made at home, and only requires 15-20 minutes and uses two or three pans. I’m here to share my thoughts on why making it yourself and cooking inspiration always beats take out.

Why is it better? Because you made it, or at least most of it. In contrast, take out is fast food no matter where you got it from. Fast food will almost always fill you up without ever sustaining you.


When we spend just a few more minutes engaged in cooking for our loved ones, disconnected from always on, the love seeps into the food and is felt and tasted. What effort is required? Usually about 10-20 minutes and 2-3 pans. That’s it!

When you think about it, getting takeout is a much bigger investment in time and money. On average +30 min investment in time to drive to and from take-out spot AND costs two to three times more.

But “I Hate doing dishes!” Yes, a few dishes more. But those dishes are a badge of love and if I am lucky enough to cook for someone else, invite them into the doing of the dishes and enjoy each other’s company serving one another. Plus, if you are alone like I am tonight, enjoy the moment of knowing that these dishes are a natural outcome of a delicious meal that I made.


Do you Love doing the dishes? I do.

I love doing the dishes. You may think I am crazy, but the truth remains, I love doing the dishes. A full sink has a multitude of

cooking inspiration

meanings. First, the presence of dishes itself, means a meal has been cooked. This alone makes me happy. Second, a little more time in the kitchen serving allows me to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal.


Now back to the dishes. I love to cook and serve family and friends. The dish count is a good indicator of how delicious the meal was, and how much love I poured into the meal. How many dishes is an indicator of a savor worthy dinner you ask? In my estimation, dinner for two should easily yield 14-20 things to wash after the meal is over. (2 - 3 pans, 2 - 4 plates, 2 - 4 glasses, 4 - 8 pieces of silverware.) To clean all of this up only takes about 7 minutes.

When dinner is over, keep your phone and TV off, turn on a little music and do the dishes together. Doing the dishes together is just a little more time away from today’s digital distractions and more time with family, friends or just alone in your thoughts. If you have kiddos in the house, get them involved too, the earlier the better.


Doing the dishes with my wife is my favorite. We work in a coordinated waltz, scrubbing, rinsing, drying, and returning the dish to its spot in the kitchen. It is one more moment to be together after working apart all day long.

The finale is a clean kitchen ready for tomorrow.

I am not sure if you think about dishes the same way I do, but I encourage you to consider this different point of view.

As an ambassador of deliciousness, please, Elevate Your Plate™ every day, then slow down and savor every moment of the meal including doing the dishes.


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