It is all about the meal.

It is all about the meal.

It’s about the meal.

It’s about those gathered around the table.

It’s about the connection and conversation that comes only when a shared experience happens.

In this case, the experience is the meal.

You likely have a memory like this. Maybe it was at your grandmother’s table or your mother’s or perhaps your father’s Sunday supper. It’s about connecting in a way that only food, family and friends truly can.

At Le Sauce & Co, we’re all about those days and hours of lingering at the table, talking about anything,sharing genuinely, making memories. Together, we are joined in a common experience connected by a meal.

To make this magic happen, the food must be really good. It must come from a place of love and giving around the table.So savor those moments spent there.Your dinner table is a sanctuary, enabled by all those around you.
Our mission is to help bring people together through food. Join us on our quest and share a memorable meal with us.

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