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What exactly is a Classic Demi-Glace gourmet sauce?

A Classic Take on a Delicious French Sauce
If you have ever been to a steak restaurant or any food place that loves delicious food and delicious seasonings, there will likely have been some sort of take on a Demi Glace sauce.
Chefs love using this sauce because it compliments the protein and all of the sides on each plate. It is so versatile with its flavors and richness.

A Demi Glace is a classic french sauce that is often served at high end restaurants and steakhouses. It’s an incredibly rich sauce that's made from reducing veal stock and some red wine with lots of delicious herbs and spices. Sometimes, people will use this sauce as a base for creating other dishes or sauces.

We love the Demi-Glace because it has such a great flavor and goes so deliciously with everything on your plate.

This gourmet sauce can be a lengthy process, because there has to be some reduction of the sauce to get its thick and rich flavor. Some start out with making a homemade stock using bones and vegetables. From there, the stock needs to be reduced for a few hours. There are a few different stock options when making or buying Demi Glace, including chicken, turkey, beef or vegetable.

Our Classic Demi-Glace recipe is made from years of perfecting and tasting many different recipes.
We hope you can try and love it as much as we do!

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