What is a Sobremesa? Let's dive into an integral part of meal time.

What is a Sobremesa? Let's dive into an integral part of meal time.

Welcome back to the table,

We hope you are ready for another delicious meal. We are about to unfold the great dinner experience stemming from just one word: Sobremesa. Sobremesa does not have an English word equivalent, that’s just how special it is. It means “the time you spend at the table after you’ve finished eating”. We hope that after reading this email, you too can understand just how special that time is.

Spain is a country where everyone loves food and community. When a person in Spain decides to go out for lunch, they take very seriously the decision of where to eat. They need to know that the place they are going to will be comfortable enough to spend a few hours. The purpose of going out to lunch in Spain is to catch up with family and friends and laugh away all of life’s problems.

The Sobremesa of the meal starts when the food is finished. Dani Cernero, chef at La Cosmopolita in Málaga said that “On a personal level, the sobremesa is fundamental.” People often enjoy themselves more during the Sobremesa than they did eating their delicious food.

There are few guidelines when it comes to having a successful Sobremesa. The most important thing is to not get up from the table-urgent needs excluded. Sobremesa is about prolonging the lunch you’ve had such a good time that you don’t want it to end.


A Sobremesa can lead to conversations that wouldn’t happen in nearly any place else. It’s a safe, warm atmosphere that inspires vulnerable and heartwarming conversation.

Hopefully learning more about what the Sobremesa is might inspire you to go and have one of your own with a friend. Lunch or dinner, it doesn’t matter. Eat good food and enjoy each other's company. Let the stress melt away while you and your lunch buddies go off into another world where the food is good and the friendships are precious. Here at Le Sauce, we endeavor to invite the Sobremesa in after eating a delicious meal.

Will you? If you do, we invite you to take a selfie with your friends and post it on social media-tagging us @LeSauceCompany.

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To read more on the sobremesa, you can go to: https://www.bbc.com/travel/article/20180424-a-uniquely-spanish-part-of-the-meal

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