What is Mole de Puebla gourmet finishing sauce?

What is Mole de Puebla gourmet finishing sauce?

So, what really is our Mole de Puebla gourmet finishing sauce?

The word “Mole” comes from the “Nahuatl word “molli, which means “Sauce””.

This gourmet finishing sauce first originated in Puebla, Mexico. It mixes chocolate with ancho chile peppers and other delicious spices. We love Moel de Puebla because of its distinct flavor and sweet and warm flavors. This flavor is unlike really any other sauce that most people are accustomed to, but we are so thankful for it. This Mole de Puebla gourmet finishing sauce creates a new way to enjoy chicken, meat, and other vegetables and meals.

Some people will make a Mole sauce from scratch, but we’ve taken the work and effort out of this gourmet finishing sauce and given you something that has high quality and delicious ingredients that make for a delicious meal any night of the week.

There are actually more than three hundred different types of Mole gourmet sauces, all with distinct and slightly different flavors. The dried chiles and chocolate are the two main ingredients that lend the gourmet sauce its flavor.

Mole de Puebla gourmet finishing sauce tastes like a mix of sweet and spicy chile and warm spices that create a new smooth velvety flavor.

This gourmet sauce goes really well with any chicken dish, enchiladas, ground beef and more! We keep finding new dishes that go really well with Mole de Puebla.

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