What really is a gourmet finishing sauce?

What really is a gourmet finishing sauce?

What is a gourmet finishing sauce?


“An ounce of sauce can cover a multitude of sins” -Anthony Bourdain


We love gourmet finishing sauces. It’s not a well kept secret. In fact, it’s no secret at all. We use a gourmet finishing sauce in at least four or five meals a week. It is so easy to use for any dinner and even better to use when we have leftovers.
A gourmet sauce isn’t new by any means. People have been using them for many years at steakhouses and nice restaurants. We have brought that to be able to be enjoyed in everyone’s homes. All you have to do is open your packet and then heat up and drizzle over everything on your plate.

A gourmet sauce drizzles over everything and adds depths and flavors to your plate into one cohesive meal. A gourmet finishing sauce really does go with everything. That is why we recommend that you drizzle it over everything on your plate. Drizzle, don’t pile on. The flavor may be overwhelming and then you won’t taste the flavor of the carrots or other parts of your meal.


A gourmet finishing sauce enhances the flavors of your meal.

One person in our Le Sauce family once said, “A finishing sauce is the last step, turning a meal from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of seconds.” And we agree. Sometimes we don’t have the time or energy to cook an elaborate meal that takes an hour to cook. Sometimes we just want something delicious but don’t want to take the time out of our day after work or after taking care of the kids to cook something that will take such a long time to make. We really like using our gourmet finishing sauces whenever this happens, and also when we do have the time and energy.

It is so easy to stop by the grocery store on the way home from work or going to pick up the kids and grab a rotisserie chicken and some potatoes and vegetables to cook all together. This way, all we have to do is put the potatoes and vegetables on a sheet pan and cook in the oven, pull it out, cut up the chicken and plate the vegetables-and then comes the last step. Our heated Le Sauce drizzles nicely on top of anything that’s on our plate, including the chicken and vegetables. It’s a nice reprieve from ketchup. Trust us, we’ve had so many parents tell us that their kids started eating vegetables without complaint when they put our White Wine Lemon Garlic gourmet finishing sauce on it.

family dinner together with le sauce & co gourmet finishing sauces elevate your plate made easy

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