They’re called “Supertasters”—those with a genetic predisposition to taste and smell flavors more acutely. Great chefs labor for years developing a taste palette to please palates. Sommeliers can distinguish the types of grapes, vintage, and even its terroir. Confectioners, coffee importers, olive oil companies and more all employ the super senses of these elite tasters.

Chef Kyle of Le Sauce & Co.Gourmet Finishing Sauces, sees it as“a humble blessing.”

“I love exploring new food experiences with friends and family.So whether enjoying each other’s company over a homemade meal, or traveling overseas, it’s fun to create deliciousness on a plate.” Or, recreate it. Among the talents of many Supertasters is an impressive ability to recall subtleties of a favorite dish...the secret ingredient only Grandma knew about...or nuances of a carefully-nurtured sauce.

Now, Chef Kyle is sharing what he’s remembered, learned,and brought to the table.“Le Sauce makes it easy to“elevate your plate" in minutes. Just heat, pour, encore!” Noting that today’s busy households often choose take-out or convenience items at their grocers, Chef Kyle believes “Le Sauce is perfect accent to perk up any dinner—especially if you’re not so perky yourself by day’s end.”Busy food lovers who’ve already discovered LeSauce like the simplicity of picking up rotisserie chicken on their way home,steaming a few vegetables, then having a“sense-tastic dinner in no time at all. Entertaining is easier too. With five Gourmet Finishing Sauces to choose from, and more still simmering, Le Sauce & Co.lets you wow every weekend. Le Sauce & Co.Gourmet Finishing Sauces are available now at HEB, Albertsons, and online at Amazon. 

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