The delicious start to Pasta: A History of deliciousness

The delicious start to Pasta: A History of deliciousness

Pasta, pasta, pasta. We all know and love pasta. Whether its angel hair or bowtie, we all likely have good memories associated with a good bowl of pasta. You may have eaten it with tomato sauce, a cream sauce or a mix of both. Usually, if it’s made with great ingredients, it is absolutely delicious. There is a reason why there are so many different types of pasta to eat with so many different types of sauce. It’s a classic meal that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Pasta’s History

Pasta’s history can be traced back to many different cultures and countries, including Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Each of these countries used their own source of making their pasta. It’s very interesting because we all usually associate pasta and a good bowl of sauce with Italy and Italian food, but pasta isn’t traced back to Italy until the fourth century BC, while Asia, Africa and the Middle East has pasta traced back 3500 years. Marco Polo claimed to have shown pasta to Italy after he traveled to the far east in the late 13th century, but we know that it was discovered much earlier.

gourmet pasta with le sauce

Thomas Jefferson brought back the first macaroni machine to America in 1789, after visiting France. In the 19th century, macaroni making popped up everywhere, becoming a quick favorite in America. Back then, macaroni was used to describe any shape of pasta

The pasta that we all love to eat today is made with coarsely ground wheat flour. People love pasta for a variety of reasons. First, it’s delicious-whether it's just buttered noodles, a little parmesan cheese grated over it, or tomato sauce or cheese sauce. Second, it’s very nutritious. It has a good ratio of carbs to protein to fat. Pasta also has folic acid, has a low glycemic index, which means it won’t spike your blood sugar. Most everyone can eat pasta, even people that are gluten free or celiac since there are so many gluten free pastas popping up today. LAst but certainly not least, or is it? Pasta is incredibly affordable! It can be bought for four cents on the dollar. You can buy more than enough to feed your family without breaking the bank. Even more good news, tomato sauce and cheese sauce can be inexpensive as well.


Quick Tip:

Our quick tip is so undercook your pasta by just a minute or two. Once you have your strained pasta, cook it in your sauce of choice for the remaining last two minutes. The result will be creamy and even more delicious pasta.

We are so grateful for your support and wouldn’t be here without you and your support. Keep Elevating your plate and making gourmet meals simple at home. Keep it up, you’ve got this. Stay delicious.

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